About Us

Our Story

We started as a humble online bookstore called Imanshoppe in 2012 which was then followed by a publishing company called Iman Publication in 2013.

Fast forward to today, IMAN has published over 70+ titles and our books have reached readers from all over the world including Singapore, Brunei, the United Kingdom, Japan and many more.


Our Mission

In IMAN, we bring forth contents that are relevant to today’s issues and beneficial to the readers. Our contents are carefully chosen to ensure readers’ minds are enriched after reading any of IMAN’s books.

This is because in IMAN, Great Contents Matter and we aspire to embody this vision by crafting contents that not only inspire readers but can change their worldview as well.

Our fiction and non-fiction books cover subjects like spirituality, self-development, human relationship  – everything with good values and positive vibes worth spreading.


At A Glance


Great Contents Matter

Purpose IMAN

Improving life through great contents.

Brand Promises

  • Contents that improve life.
  • Fast and helpful customer service.
  • Engaging customer experience.

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We co create content with our authors – some of them had won multiple national award.



1) Anugerah Pilihan Pembaca Popular-Berita Harian 2017: Pelukis Jalanan

2) 2nd place Popular-The Star Readers’ Choice Award 2017: Tales of Mothers


1) Anugerah Emas Kulit Buku Cantik PBAKL 2018: Pelukis Jalanan

2) Winner  Best Malay Non-Fiction (Best of MPH 2017): Arkitek Jalanan

3) Buku Umum Terbaik (Kategori Travelog) Anugerah Buku Negara 2018:  Arkitek Jalanan


1) Terbaik Kategori Umum Anugerah Buku Negara 2019: Detour

2) Terbaik Novel Inggeris Anugerah Buku Negara 2019: Letters To God

3) 2nd place Fiction (Popular-The Star Readers’ Choice Award 2019): Letters To God

4) Winner Best Malay Non-Fiction (Best of MPH 2018): Impian Jalanan

5) Winner Best Paperback Fiction (Best Of MPH 2018): Letters To God

6) Longlisted in the 2020 International Dublin Literary Award: Letters to God


1) Best Of MPH 2019 – WINNER Best General Books: The Art Of Letting God

2) Best Of MPH 2019 – WINNER Best Malay Non-Fiction: Signature Jalanan


1) MPH Best of 2020 – WINNER of Best General Books: You Are Loved by Mizi Wahid

2) MPH Best of 2020 – WINNER of Best Adult Fiction: Dear God by Norhafsah Hamid

3) Anugerah Buku Malaysia 2020 – WINNER Anugerah Buku Popular: Arkitek Jalanan oleh Teme Abdullah

4) Anugerah Buku PNM (Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia) 2020 – WINNER Kategori Pilihan Pembaca Bahasa Inggeris Letters To God by Norhafsah Hamid