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Aayah Of The Day

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“Aayah of the Day” is a diary that will help grow your relationship with your Quran as you pen down your reflections of any aayah from the Quran that you read, listen, or study.

This practice of reflecting upon the aayat of the Quran is called tadabbur. The word tadabbur means to ponder or to reflect. But what is important here is to know why we must do tadabbur or reflect upon the aayat of the Quran.

When we read the Quran, reciting it is not enough. We are required to read, understand and reflect so that we can act upon its teachings.

Paperback, 192 pages
 – Summer: 9491221092001
 – Fall: 9491221092002
 – Winter: 9491221092003
 – Spring: 9491221092004

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This ‘notebook’ helps me to go deeper in understanding the Al-Quran. In order to fill in the blank spaces, I must read and learn about tadabbur of the aayah and that indirectly provides me with knowledge and deeper understanding of Quran. It makes me want ot learn more!

– Nureen Farhanah Mokhtar

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