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Being A Quran Tag Girl

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💐 Are you in love with your Quran?

Do you know that exhausting feeling of searching high and low for a true meaningful love and life purpose of this life?

“That was exactly how I feel about the Quran. I was so busy finding happiness and love to fill the emptiness in my heart. None worked. Until I found the Quran.”

Building a relationship with Quran cannot happen in one day. It will take years.

It will be a long journey of trying to fall in love with the Quran, but it will be worthwhile.

Paperback, 176 pages
Published March 2019
ISBN13: 978-983-2423-72-0


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This book is a gift from heaven. I love this book so much and I’m glad that I decided to purchase it after finding out about its hype on the net since long time ago. I never knew we can get a healthy attachment to the Quran just like how the author did. And it was through her beautiful piece that I am determine to spend my second half of 2020 with full dedication towards the Quran insyaAllah. They say 2020 is cancelled, but I’m still looking up on the positive side of the second half of the year with the journey towards a healthy relationship with the Quran.

– Atiqah Nadrah

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