In Their Tested Moments: Stories Of Strength, Mercy & Hope Of The People In The Quran

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Through their tested moments, there exist the hope we need to get through our own tested moments.

When we are tested, there is a chance that we will reach for the Quran to find inspirations to pull ourselves back up. In it we would find stories of past men and women who were also tested — the likes of Prophet Musa AS or Maryam AS — and we would look up to them with reverence because we are in awe with their unshakeable faith towards Allah.

While these stories act as a ‘bridge’ that connects us to the people of the past, sometimes we struggle to identify ourselves within their stories. They are the chosen ones, and we know our level of spirituality could never match theirs.

But what if, instead of just looking at their names and the miraculous circumstances surrounding the story, we look at the traits they displayed while enduring the tests such as bravery, honesty, and perseverance?

In this book, author Syaari Ab Rahman takes us on a journey of Quranic contemplation that offers a fresh perspective on how we can reflect upon the stories and nurture the traits of the people mentioned in the Quran.


Paperback, 300 pages
Tahun Terbitan: 2021
Language: English


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This is my 4.5🌟 read for year 2022. And it is the first book from Ustaz Syaari Abdul Rahman that I read.
Glad that I picked up this as my first book from the author, definitely will read his other books soon InshaAllah.
Personally for me the contents of this book is compact but it was told in a very easy to understand especially for a beginner like me.
I love the ibrah or lessons learned that were written in almost every end of the chapter.
The author too explain the difference usage of Arabic letter shows different meaning.
I would recommend this book to those who never read his book before. A good start indeed 👍

– KakEllereads on Goodreads


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