PENULIS: Norhafsah Hamid

Letters to God Series (Abridged Version) Volume II

RM 30.00

“Crying doesn’t mean you’re questioning God’s plan. It means that you’re human.”

Sarah — now a full-fledged lawyer, struggling to balance her work and life. As Sarah and her friends were tussling to adjust with adulthood, Jonah the ‘Romeo’ started a new religious journey.

Just when she thought life was about to get rosy, test and hardships came rolling in. Sarah was taunted and accused of being barren by a family member and had to ward off a shameless seducer away from her husband.

Despite unrelentless tribulations, Sarah found strength in love, friendship and family.

Will Sarah, Jonah and their friends finally find contentment in life?

In this novel, the author takes you on a final journey of heartfelt love, unwavering friendship and reaffirming faith.

Paperback, 470 pages
ISBN: 9789672459392

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