PENULIS: Ayesha Syahira

Longing For God’s Closeness : Rediscovering the Beauty of Daily Prayers

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What does it take to feel closer to Him when our daily prayers seem to falter?


Oftentimes, there is this distant feeling within us when we meet God in our prayers. And it breaks our heart because we try so hard to connect to Him, yet we are just distracted with the worries of this world.

What then can we do, to reawaken this longing for closeness to Him, the longing to rely on His forgiveness and mercy?

It is not easy to call upon the heart to be present in prayers. We try our best to connect to Him, but still we find our mind wandering someplace else.

Thus, in this book, Ayesha Syahira shares with raw honesty about her reflections on discovering the beauty of prayers through patience, surrendering and hope.

Paperback, 193 pages
ISBN13: 978-967-2459-16-3


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Kalau sebelum ni author banyak bercerita tentang doa di dalam buku beliau berjudul ‘Talk to Allah’, kali ini buku ini lebih berkisarkan tentang solat. I love this books, seperti 2 buku sebelumnya. Walaupun dalam bahasa inggeris, namun ayatnya mudah difahami dan di hadam. Gaya penulisan juga lembut dan lancar.

– Nanadhoi

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