To inspire more people especially the youngsters to enjoy reading and become closer to the Quran.

Cerita Ayesha Syahira

An accountancy graduate but eventually found love in spreading dakwah and pursue her dreams to become the next Yasmin Mogahed Malaysia version.

She started writing daily update blogs back then in 2011 before her hijrah days and begin to have loyal followers reading her blog on a daily basis. As she starts her hijrah a few years later, she shared more post on her learnings and share her journey bit by bit. She then started her online business selling shawls and women apparels which was really a hit moment for her.

She later started being called to universities and youth events to share on her experience, her hijrah story to inspire more youngsters. Alongside, she continues to study devoted herself becoming a student of knowledge, she enrolled for diploma Islamic studies and currently in the midst of finishing her tajweed learning as she aims to teach tajweed and Quran recitation.

Her tagged Quran that she always carries around has always been the talk of the town. She is always being asked about her Quran that she later start her Quran tag workshop in 2017 (also known as Quran notes marking gathering). The workshop is always sold out and she has been travelling locally and internationally to share her learnings via her tagged Quran.

The Quran tag was another major success for her, and she was offered for her own Quran Tag program in 2018 on Astro Oasis and Naura, ever since then, she was known as the #qurantaggirl. Her tagging method is somewhat unique that encourage people to learn Quran the fun way. Her goal is to inspire more people especially the youngsters to enjoy reading and become closer to the Quran

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#1. Obsess with stationaries.

#2.  Suka baca buku motivation .

#3. Do love kids.

#4. Suka menjahit.

#5. Nak jadi the next Yasmin Mogahed.

#6. Suka sangat surah ad dhuha.

#7 Love hand lettering.

#8 Tak suka sayur.

#9. Suka bau paper buku.

#10. Done eye lasik .

Karya Ayesha Shahira

Being A Quran Tag Girl

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💐 Are you in love with your Quran?

Do you know that exhausting feeling of searching high and low for a true meaningful love and life purpose of this life? 

“That was exactly how I feel about the Quran. I was so busy finding happiness and love to fill the emptiness in my heart. None worked. Until I found the Quran.”

Building a relationship with Quran cannot happen in one day. It will take years.

It will be a long journey of trying to fall in love with the Quran, but it will be worthwhile.

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