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Fadhilah Wahid

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Karya Nur Fadhilah Wahid

Nearness To You

250 muka surat
Diterbitkan pada Disember 2019
ISBN13 :978-983-2423-71-3
Non-Fiksyen | English


For those who have just begun their spiritual journey, what is the path to get closer to God? 
For those who found themselves distant from God over the years, is there a path to return to Him? 
Does one still have a chance at being near to God, even after all the mistakes and transgressions? 
Nearness To You explores what it means to seek closeness to God in this life through the author’s essays of reflections and contemplations during her travels to meet the seekers of God. While each of our journey varies, it will eventually lead us back to Him, if only we take a moment to pause and think about God’s presence in our life, our relationship with Him and His endless mercy upon us.

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