Seorang introvert yang lebih suka duduk di rumah sambil melayan kucing-kucing.

Norhafsah Hamid’s Story

Date of birth: 24th April 1973 (fun fact: she has the same birth date as her mother!)

Place of birth: Selangor

Education background:

Norhafsah received her Bachelor of Law, LL.B (Hons) from Reading University, United Kingdom in 1996. She also received her Certificate of Legal Practice (CLP) in 1997 from Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM). In 2007, she received her Diploma in Syariah Legal Practise (DSLP) from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM).


Norhafsah Hamid is an author of six books; Trying To Be Muslim (2012), Back to Basic (2014), Heaven Sent (2016), Saya Bukan Fanatik (2014), Calling Me Softly (2017), Letters to God (2018) and an audiobook titled Trying To Be Muslim. The audiobook is an initiative to support the visual impaired society and is given to those in need as complimentary copies.

Previously, Norhafsah was a legal practitioner, experienced in various local and international firm namely Puncak Niaga Sdn Bhd, LinCo Ltd, Manchester, United Kingdom, Messrs. Adam & Co, Advocates & Solicitors from 1997 till 2011. In 1999, Norhafsah became a litigation partner, specialised in litigation cases both civil and syariah, and handled corporate litigation, mediation and arbitration. She was also a voluntary legal advisor in Liverpool Legal Centre back in 1998.

From 2011 till today, Norhafsah runs her own legal firm named The Legal Office of Norhafsah Hamid as a Syariah Practitioner. Besides that, she is actively involves in Nadi Annissa Muslim Women Organisation. She runs the clubhouse, handling activities and charitable events, and also provides pro bono legal advice.

As the co-founder and also hon. treasurer of the organization, Norhafsah involves in doing charity and dakwah work. They have single mothers’ program and monthly Food Bank Project. Talks are also organized from time to time on topics involving women issues. They work closely with underprivileged families and try to assist any way possible especially in their kids’ education. They try as much as possible to remain anonymous to the recipients. Among their yearly projects are Back to School, Ramadhan Rice Donation Project and Ramadhan Food Pack Project.

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happy readers

#1. Kesemua baju abaya dan tudung berwarna hitam di dalam almari kecuali seluar tidur warna polka dot biru.

#2.  Kucing-kucing di rumah selalu kena leter kerana bergaduh.

#3.  Ada minimum 6 bag shopping di dalam handbag just in case terpaksa pergi shopping.

#4. Suka hidu buku dan ulat buku tegar.

#5.  Kartun kegemaran semasa kecil ialah ‘Thundercat’.

#6.  Mempunyai seekor kucing gemuk, bernama Sam yang seberat 10 kg dan juga merupakan Abang Long Kawasan.

#7.  Makanan kegemaran adalah buah- buahan dan sayuran terutama Caeser Salad.

#8. Seorang introvert yang lebih suka duduk di rumah sambil melayan kucing-kucing.

#9. Suka menulis di cebisan-cebisan kertas..

#10. Suka travel.

Karya Norhafsah Hamid

Rough Diamond

394 muka surat
Diterbitkan pada Mac 2019
ISBN13 :978-983-2423-64-5
Fiksyen | Bahasa Inggeris

What is Rough Diamond all about?

Linda is a rich heiress who seems to have it all; beauty, brains, wealth and social standing.

Desired by men and envied by women, Linda’s life seems perfect. But, deep down inside, Linda longs for true love and contentment.

Trapped between the glamorous world that she was brought up in and the overwhelming desire to find solace, Linda finds herself lost. Misery became her companion.

Will Linda continue her pretentious socialite life or will she find the hidden path to happiness?

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