Rights and Licensing

IMAN Publication Sdn Bhd was established in 2013 with the belief that people will come to love reading again once they have found books that are curated according to their interests and needs.

For that, we at IMAN take great care in crafting books that are presentable in all aspects; starting from building the manuscripts — word by word, to developing covers that best represent the contents, up to strategizing ways to reach the readers through authors’ engagement, creative marketing, as well as efficient supply chain.

As book enthusiasts ourselves, we at IMAN Publication take this as a challenge to bring the wonder of books and reading to youth.

We bring forth contents that are relevant to today’s issues and beneficial to the readers. Our contents are carefully chosen to ensure readers’ minds are enriched after reading any of IMAN’s books.

This is because in IMAN, Great Contents Matter and we aspire to embody this vision by crafting contents that not only inspire readers but can change their worldview as well.

Our books cover subjects like life-stories and anecdotes, travelogue, religion, history, humanity, familial relationship and parenthood, motivation and self-improvement – basically anything with good values and positive vibes worth spreading.

This foreign rights catalogue features some of IMAN Publication’s best-selling titles that represent our local contents in their highest quality.

We look forward to connecting with international publishers and content distributors for future collaborations.


Our rights teams can help you to expand our books into other markets including:

  1. Foreign rights:  Publish our books in countries other than Malaysia
  2. Dramatisation rights:  Turn our books into films, television programs and theatre productions, or find titles for which we hold the rights.
  3. Serial rights:  Publish extracts from our titles in newspapers and magazines.
  4. Audio rights:  License our books for audio recordings and broadcast.
  5. Translations:  Buy rights to translate our UK titles into other languages.


For further information, please contact:

Faizah Hamid
Rights Representative
[email protected]

Feel free to be in touch!

If you want to learn more about our books, you can download our catalogue here or you can go to our books section.